About Nukleus

Monday, 24 June 2013



All organisations have values, implicit, explicit or both. Values contribute to the brand, the company culture and why people buy a particular product, rather than something similar.

At Nukleus we understand that you’re concerned about the impacts of your purchases, and we do our best to make our products as environmentally and socially just as possible.

For us, being successful in business does not mean we give up all moral values. It means we have an opportunity to use the brand to promote environmental and social justice.

The people who produce the cotton we use are people, just like us. Farmers and factory workers have their hopes, fears, dreams and responsibilities, like us. They have families, concerns about schooling for their kids or relatives. They may be worried about a sick relative, they may be looking forward to a celebration, a wedding, religious festival, or a birthday.

These people are trying to lead decent lives, like us...paying bills, cooking food, looking after kids or older relatives, trying to figure out life on a daily basis, the way we all are.

Recognising our common humanity means that we MUST treat each other with respect and dignity...not just our close family, relatives, colleagues and friends, but those whose labour we rely on to make our products. They may live in different countries, with different customs and beliefs, but under the skin, we are all the same. We can all experience, hunger, pain, joy and delight. We can be energised or exhausted, happy or depressed. We all bleed.

This recognition of our common humanity is key to the values we espouse in our working life and in our relationship with the producers and workers in the supply chain. And it’s not just about people, but about the environment too. From soil, to water, to air, to the myriad creatures and organisms which make up the biosphere, we don’t see the planet as an infinite resource to be used up, polluted then discarded, in the quest for profit. It’s a precious place, and it’s our duty not to wreck it with dangerous chemicals or by using up natural resources.

There are so many differences between organic cotton and conventional cotton, the crop rotation system, pesticides used or not and the residue left in the fabric. In some cases conventional cotton may even look better because of the chemicals and dyes used. But the chi is different, and for intimate apparel, this is also an important issue.

This planet is a beautiful place, and it our responsibility not to destroy it as we do business.  Being an ethical company, being values-driven, means that we don’t have a gimmicky ‘looking good’ approach to CSR. It’s in our organisational DNA, as important to us as the air we breathe.

Integrity means walking the talk of fairness. We strive to be fair, to producers, customers, and the environment. Maybe we don’t always get everything right. We’re in a process of evolution. It’s a steep learning curve, but our commitment is to continue to learn and improve.

And yes, we’re also about fashion, fun, and lifestyle. We want you to like our products, enjoy them, maybe even recommend them to your friends, but most of all we want you to be confident that Nukleus products are not costing the earth. In our own small way, we hope to be a force for good, for positive change. We want to use the power of the brand to educate and influence ALL our stakeholders: suppliers, distributors, employees, to understand the joined-upness of what we all do on a daily basis.

We want to use the power of the brand to help people and the environment. Yes, being organic, sustainable and committed to social and environmental justice is a powerful marketing tool. But, more than that, we believe that a brand has a responsibility, a strategic imperative to be ‘green’.

Sustainability is more a journey than a destination. Here at Nukleus we are on that journey. Sometimes it’s difficult, sometimes it’s inspiring...but most of all it’s a commitment to walk the talk of sustainability and do as much as we possibly can to help people and the environment. We are honoured to have your company and support on this great adventure.