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Saturday, 31 May 2014


Can Business be a Force for Good?
Nukleus CEO, CW Tan, is passionate that it can. “Giving is good business...doing what really matters. People feel good when they give and if they see that a brand is giving back to the community, they will become brand evangelists and loyal customers.”

Nukleus Tees For Him 'n' Her

Brand With a Mission Empowering Customers and Employees
And giving back is not just a powerful way of connecting with customers. Employees of a brand for good also feel empowered. “Their loyalty increases. They want to work for a brand with a mission,” says Tan.

A Powerful Message That Attracts the Media
Other stakeholders, like investors, suppliers and the media also find the concept of a business which gives back attractive. Nukleus has featured in numerous newspaper articles, and TV shows, and CW Tan has been invited to speak at events and conferences to share to Nukleus message of giving back.

Role Models in Success...and Giving
The business giving back model has a number of notable successes...from the organic cotton US brand PACT to Tom’s Shoes...who give a pair of shoes to needy people for each pair bought by a paying customer. “This 1:1 model is very beautiful,” reflects Tan, “more like a charity than a business. But Tom’s is a successful, profit-making business.”

The TOMS Story - Another Business Giving Back
TOMS Shoes was founded by Texan, Blake Mycoskie. Described as Founder and Chief Shoe Giver of TOMS, Mycoskie came up with the One for One business model by which a person in need is helped with every product purchased.

The idea came to Mykoskie when he was travelling in Argentina in 2006, and saw children growing up without shoes. His solution to the problem was simple, yet revolutionary: to create a for-profit business that was sustainable and not reliant on donations.

But Not Only Shoes...
During the first five years, TOMS successfully provided shoes for children in need. But Blake, having recognized other vital needs during his travels around the world, realised that One for One® could be applied to more than shoes. He developed the idea for TOMS Eyewear in which for every pair of eyewear purchased, TOMS would help give sight to a person in need. One for One®.

Giving Shoes, Sight and Water
TOMS Shoes has provided over 10 million pairs of shoes to children since 2006, and TOMS Eyewear has restored sight to over 175,000 since launching in 2011. In 2014, TOMS Roasting Company was founded with the mission to provide clean water to developing communities with the purchase of premium coffee.

Corporate Responsibility at TOMS®
TOMS website highlights the role of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the company. CSR provides focus on the environmental and social impacts of our products and operations, responsible giving and employee life. We offer shoes with sustainable and vegan materials including natural hemp, organic cotton, and/or recycled polyester. All of our shoe boxes are made from 80% recycled post-consumer waste and are printed with soy ink.

And, as With Nukleus, the Supply Chain is Key
TOMS shoes are made in China, Ethiopia and Argentina. We are aware of the challenges associated with overseeing a global supply chain and our global staff actively manages and oversees our suppliers and vendors to ensure that our CSR standards are upheld.

We also define appropriate business practices for our employees and hold them accountable for complying with our policies, including the prevention of slavery and human trafficking within our supply chain.

At the TOMS flagship store in Southern California, our team is working hard to integrate environmentally friendly practices into both the built environment and its day-to-day operation.

At TOMS®, giving is our DNA and has been from the start! Giving will always be core to our work as a responsible company.

Not Just the Supply Chain, But Employees are Highly Valued
At TOMS® we invest in our employees. We provide training for our employees business and leadership topics.  We provide a variety of health, dental, medical and emplyees assistance benefits as well as paid medical and family leave. We also offer Paid Time Off and a variety of fitness and wellness classes.
Nukleus Organic Tee

The Gift That Keeps on Giving...
CW Tan has been closely following the TOMS model. “His business model impressed me. (http://www.toms.com/about-toms#corporateResponsibility) Instead of relying on unsustainable donations, he’s found a way to generate a sustainable income. And the brand has come up very quickly. Instead of spending tons of money on advertising and promotion, say, at the Superbowl, or giving money to Tiger Woods to promote their products, they invest their budget into people and kids.

Giving to Those in Need
“It’s a form of advertising and promotion, but it uses the power of social media instead of TV ads and celebrity endorsement. Form the business point of view it makes complete sense. Why should I pay a mega sportsperson loads of money when we can give shoes, or coffee or underwear to people who need it? I’d love to have Nukleus doing that. Perhaps we could have a particular T-shirt collection and the proceeds would be given to a  cotton-growing village.

Building the Brand Through Sustainable Giving
“Using the power of consumer purchases to create sustainable, continuous giving...if the whole business community was doing this, how wonderful this planet would be!” says Tan.
“But if you’re going to do this, you must do it honestly and with integrity. If you’re not being honest the whole thing will backfire on the brand...and reputations built over years can be damaged overnight.”

A Growing Global Movement
Like TOMS, and other individuals and businesses, Nukleus is part of a growing global movement which is seriously seeking to make business more environmentally friendly and socially just. Nukleus is proud to be part of this revolutionary model of giving back and global stewardship. Above all, we respect and value our loyal fans, customers, employees and associates across the planet.

With your continued help and support, this small brand with a big heart, can grow and create more positive changes for people and the environment.