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Thursday, 23 January 2014


With both the Western and Chinese New Years being celebrated, we wanted to share our hopes for 2014 and the Year of the Horse for the fashion industry.

1) We hope that the global fashion industry starts to seriously and consistently address supply chain issues. How many more Rana Plaza’s will it take before manufacturers and consumers say ‘enough is enough’? YOU CAN: Find out where your product/brand was made. Contact the manufacturer to ask about working conditions and wages and tell them you want fair and safe working conditions and organic cotton products. 
Worker in our Chinese factory

2) That workers are paid a fair and living wage for the job. Why is it that nowadays cheapness in clothing is seen as so desirable? Why not clothing which is well made, and lasts for a long time, rather than shoddily made pieces which will end up in the trash after a few wears? YOU CAN: Do a clothes audit of your garments. What do you like and why? Is it the cheap rubbish or better quality items?
Customised Nukleus tee

3) That farmers are paid a fair price for cotton. Nukleus fans understand these issues. 2014 and the Year of the Horse can be the year consumers start to exert their power. YOU CAN: Join a group or organise with some like-minded friends to research your favourite brand to learn their policies on sourcing cotton.
4) That manufacturers start to include ever larger percentages of organic cotton into their garments. YOU CAN: choose to buy more organic cotton products.
5) That consumers become aware of the impact of cheap, throw-away fashion, unite with producers and campaign ever more vocally for fair and living wages. YOU CAN: talk to your friends and family about the issues.
6) That recycling and upcycling of fashion becomes a powerful fashion statement. YOU CAN: get some friends together to swap clothes, or sell them in the market. Unleash your creativity and change old, unwanted items into something special.

7)  That mandatory labelling of clothes and other fashion items includes information on whether environmentally friendly materials and production methods were used in making the product. YOU CAN:  email the marketing department of brands requesting that this information be included on the labels.

RM5 Tanjung Bungah market
8) That global consumers become familiar with the health implications of wearing garments with a residue of toxins. YOU CAN: have a competition with your friends/organise a quiz at your school/uni, workplace or any other group you belong to. Invite a speaker. Give prizes for the best-informed person! 
9)  Become a fashion role model for upcycled, preloved, super-stylish dressing. YOU CAN: explore your neighbourhood with friends searching for second hand shops. Find pre-loved treasures in second-hand markets and look out for sales by groups like Soroptomists (the female version of the Rotary Club)- getting rid of unworn, designer cast-offs for a couple of ringgit!

These are just a few ideas to get you started. We’d love to hear how you get on. Take photos so we can share on FB...and let’s make the Year of the Horse the year we all got inspired to make the fashion industry more fair.