About Nukleus

Friday, 16 August 2013


“Conscientious clothing’  was the recent headline in  New Straits Times  about Nukleus. We felt happy and proud to be acknowledged in this way. We are on a constant mission to improve our products and provide a better service to our fans, and we know you appreciate what we do.

We appreciate and value our fans, friends and supporters, and we want to understand why Nukleus is important to you.

This is what we discovered...

* ‘Because every single person is responsible for the condition of the earth they live in. I want to be as responsible for my Earth as much as I can’...says yoga-loving Cynthia Chin.

*’Nukleus cotton products make me feel like I am not wearing it! Nukleus advocates informed choices of consumer product,’ says thoughtful (and sensitive!) Penangite, Andrew Koay, adding, ’Good for the environment, as well as very comfortable to wear. I am taking the brief series and it feels like the brief is part of my skin!’

Like, Sharon Das, who LOLed our ‘No woman has every started an argument with a man while he was dusting, vacuuming or washing the dishes,’ post, you have a sense of humour.

And like the animals’ friend, Mabeal Hoh, who believes that : ‘Poachers should be caught and throw them in a dungeon’, you care passionately about our fellow creatures.  ‘To me being green is to help protect mother nature and to do this, we need to learn to recycle waste and to do whatever is necessary to save planet earth. Every bit counts.’
Kuching student, Chong Ming, wants to know about ‘Healthy or sexual lifestyle’.  Well, we can do our best to inform on health! 

Some of you give valuable feedback. ‘I don't like the bold/thick at the top of man underwear, I just want it be thin’ observes Khaw Swee Kian, a family man from KL. While Penang Spirit comments, ‘The ladies tee needs a re-design as it's not very flattering especially the neck line. Would like to see some bolder colours such as red.’
Super fan and ardent Nukleus supporter, Green Man, Matthias Gelber says, ‘We need a major shift - Nukleus is an amazing pioneer and I am wearing their innerwear as we speak ..’ He continues ‘Values and ethics are critical to shift our economy to a green and sustainable one - Nukleus with Tan at the helm is one of the best examples in the region. Like in Germany the shift was lead by owners with strong values’

Points echoed by Penang Spirit , who promote living a healthy, holistic lifestyle in Penang.  ‘It's good to know that some companies put ethics before profits.’

Thanks for all the feedback and support. Polite, compassionate, genuine people who are walking the talk of the eco beliefs. We salute you!

Friday, 2 August 2013


Nukleus is a brand which cares...about how its innerwear is produced, about the planet, and about YOU. We produce affordable, quality, organic cotton innerwear and basics which don’t cost the earth and promote fashion with a conscience.

Our organic cotton is sourced in India, from farmers who are paid fairly for their product. They care about the environment and their health, and don’t want to poison either with toxic chemicals. That’s why they grow organic cotton.

Our garments are made in a Chinese factory we have known for years, who treat their workers fairly and have decent working conditions.

Our 7500+ Facebook fans care about our products, and are concerned about wider environmental and health issues. They like fashion and and share our belief in products made with a conscience.

Our garments are designed to reflect these values of caring, for producers, customers and the planet. We are committed to transparency, sustainability and working with integrity. We value our producers, suppliers, distributors and customers, and want long-term relationships with them...

Organic cotton items are about 60% of our range. Our eco-friendly and healthful products are also made from organic bamboo, and a rayon analogue made from eucalyptus, Lenzing Tencel.

We strive to create a sense of customer empowerment, so that customers can feel that by wearing our products they are actively doing good for people and the environment. That’s the bottom line for fashion with a conscience, the reality of big concepts like ‘social justice’ and ‘environmental sustainability’.

Malaysia, where we are based, is at an interesting and pivotal place in its history. As a young nation, we are looking to create a future of hope, a sustainable future, not just for ourselves, but for generations to come.

To do this, we need to avoid the pitfalls of over-developed nations, like the US and some European countries. Their unsustainable ‘development’ was built on centuries of colonisation, extracting raw materials from countries which they had invaded, to promote and push an agenda of endless economic growth. Any four year old could tell you that endless growth on a finite planet is impossible, but, still, for many, especially those in business and politics, this is, even now, the turgid and endlessly repeated mantra.

In the real world, away from discredited economic theories of the benefits of ‘trickle down’ (there are none, the economic benefits of old-style ‘development’ stay in the hands of the already rich and powerful, further marginalising the less well-off), a new paradigm for living is emerging.

In this paradigm, quality of life and real sustainability are fundamental. Community, an emphasis on self-reliance, responsible living and caring for the plants and creatures on the planet are the norm.

Urban farming is one important manifestation of this. Local groups and individuals as far afield as London, Detroit, and even Singapore, are growing fruit, herbs and vegetables on disused plots of land, gardens and balconies, and reaping huge benefits, not just in terms of fresh, organic, good quality and cheap produce, but also in increased levels of fitness and improved health. Equally important, when people get together in this way, they start to build a real and vibrant community, creating neighbourhoods where people look out for each others, share...and don’t need walls, gates and security guards in order to feel safe and protected.

This is the kind of future we’re hoping to help create. Where benefits are shared, where people can enjoy their lives in peace and simple pleasures and duties. Where prosperity is measured, not by ringgit, pounds or dollars in the bank, but by the smile on childrens’ faces and a neighbour’s helping hand reaching out to help another...where the hillsides and beaches are a valued resource for all to enjoy, and we share our precious environment with all creatures.

Some may say this is an impossible dream, but we work, every day to make this dream a reality. And many, like you, support us. We know and you know that without this peaceful co-existence, we are all destroyed. Together, we are making the world a fairer, better, and kinder place. And together, we marvel in this journey, of richness, learning and opportunity to contribute.