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Sunday, 28 September 2014


Sometimes it’s hard to believe that a better world is possible. That business can really make a difference and that anything other than selfish motivations of personal gain are a reality in commerce.

At Nukleus we are constantly striving to implement the values of justice, caring for the environment and improving living conditions. Which is why we have chosen to share our latest initiative…with the rollout of our new HEART range.

After a careful selection process, including visiting India to meet with various yarn from organic cotton providers, we chose Super Spinning Mills (SSML) , based in South India.

They have a professional management team and their core activities : spinning and agriculture, including their sustainable cotton programme, demonstrate a powerful commitment to social responsibility.

Meet the SSML team

Nukleus pays a premium, above market rate for their organic cotton. This helps fund community outreach work.

SSML, our new partners, actively reach out to farmers in Salem, one of South India’s poorest districts, as part of their reaching the unreached initiative.

Village life in India

The yarn from SSML goes to create our new HEART range.

WHAT WE LIKE ABOUT SSML* a well-thought out organic policy featuring:

* biodiversity enhancement
* soil improvement by encouraging biological activity
* integration of different farming systems - horticulture, animal husbandry and forestry
* ‘healthy use’ of soil and water, minimising agricultural pollution
* farmer training programme
* encouraging good labour policy and avoiding child labour in farming
How can I get a better life for my family?

As part of their holistic approach to agricultural production, SSML use seven windmills and also biogas. One unit is 100% fuelled by renewables.

With the relentless promotion of unsustainable chemical based agriculture, farmers have lost some of their traditional knowledge about sustainable cultivation.

With organic cotton we grow food crops too


SSML have a Farmers Field School which educates farmers in soil health, conservation and water management…as well as the latest farming techniques. Field training, with frontline demonstration, shows farmers the essentials of vermicomposting, biopesticide preparation and community composting.

Life is simple, we work hard

SSML are actively focused on helping farmers throughout the entire cotton life cycle.

* supplying subsidised cotton seed
* supplying free biofertilizers
* helping farmers to market their rotational crops
* farmer training in sustainable agricultural methods
* giving farm weeders to farmers
* direct purchase of the cotton at premium prices

As well as helping farmers to gain social, economic and cultural power, SSML also organises medical and eye checkups for farmers, including free check-ups and medicine. 

Like Nukleus, SSML, believes in justice and sustainability, as well as profit.

We are proud to be working with them in the production of our new organic cotton products.

Educating future generations - not working on the farm

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